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Dakar Musique is a popular radio station in Dakar, Sénégal that broadcasts a variety of music genres, including Afrobeat, Jazz, Blues, R&B, and Reggae. The station is dedicated to promoting the rich music culture of Africa and showcases the works of both established and emerging artists from different parts of the continent.

Dakar Musique is primarily aimed at the local population of Dakar and surrounding regions, but its online streaming service allows music lovers from all over the world to tune in and stay updated on the latest African music trends.

The radio station follows a set schedule with different programs aired throughout the day, such as "Musique du Sahel" which focuses on the music of the Sahel region, "Jazz et Blues" which plays soulful jazz and blues tunes, and "Live Sessions" which features live performances from musicians. Dakar Musique is the perfect station for music aficionados who want to immerse themselves in the diverse and vibrant African music scene.
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