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Radio Kawandé Radio en direct

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Radio Kawandé is a community radio station broadcasting from Bakel, Senegal. The station caters to the local community and surrounding regions, providing a diverse range of programming that includes news, music, interviews, and cultural content. The station's focus is on empowering the local community by providing a platform for dialogue and discussion on issues that affect their lives.

Listeners can tune in to Radio Kawandé throughout the day and evening, with a regular schedule that includes breakfast shows, news bulletins, music shows, and cultural programs. The station's programming is aimed at all age groups and demographics, with content that is both informative and entertaining. Radio Kawandé is a vital part of the Bakel community, providing a voice for the people and promoting local culture and identity. Visit their website at http://gasbakel.free.fr/radios/Radio%20kawande.html to learn more about the station and its programs.
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