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Rewmi FM is a radio channel located in the city of Touba, Sénégal. The channel is aimed at the population of the Touba region and beyond, providing them with a variety of informative and entertaining programs. With a focus on news, sports, music, and cultural events, the channel aims to keep its listeners up-to-date with the latest happenings in their community and beyond.

The schedule of Rewmi FM is flexible and caters to a wide range of interests. The channel broadcasts 24/7 and provides a platform for local artists, celebrities and politicians to express their opinions and engage with the people. They have various music programs, such as "Mix Rewmi" and "Rewmi Soleil," that play popular songs from Sénégal and around the world. They also have informative shows like "Le Grand Jury Rewmi" and "Pencum Rewmi," where experts and guests discuss current events in depth.

Overall, Rewmi FM is a reliable source of information and entertainment, and an integral part of the daily lives of people in the Touba region and beyond. For further information about the channel and its programs, visit the website at www.rewmi.com.
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